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Dogs need to be walked, that’s a fact. It’s one of the responsibilities that come with owning one and you simply cannot disregard it. Aside from the obvious need for them to do their “business” outside, a dog that is cooped up inside the house has the tendency to develop aggressive behavior. They can also get restless and destructive. If your dog likes to chew, dig, and scratch, it may mean that they are bored and that they aren’t getting much-needed outdoor time. This is where a dog stroller can be very useful.

We’ve all tried walking dogs the old way, with a leash, and we’ve all experienced the inconvenience that comes with it. They get way too excited and end up tugging on their leashes. No matter what size your dog is, this is never easy. It would take nearly all your strength to fight for control. Also, you can imagine how uncomfortable it is for your dog to get choked by their collars. You might as well walk them with a noose. They could also tangle the leash around your legs and trip you, which would not be pretty especially if you have a big dog and you two are out on a run. Speaking of running, wouldn’t it be great if you could combine your favorite cardio with the chore that is taking your dog out? That could prove to be difficult though if you have a smaller dog or one with limited mobility, and they wouldn’t be able to keep up with your pace.

Cats, meanwhile, naturally thrive outdoors and so it greatly benefits an indoor cat to be taken outdoors regularly. The fresh air and sunlight simply do wonders for their health and well-being. However, it is next to impossible to train a cat to walk on a leash. And if you carry them out in your arms, they could jump out, get lost, or get into an accident. Cages are out of the question. What’s the point of taking your cat outdoors if they’re just going to stay stuck in a cage that restricts their movement and doesn’t let them enjoy the view?

So how can give your furry friends the luxury of getting out of a nice stroll outside without compromising their comfort and safety? Pet Dog Strollers has the answer! We also have Cat Strollers available too.

Pet strollers first came around early in the millennium and they quickly caught on. There was no denying how practical they are for pet owners. With a dog or cat stroller, walking your pet is now so much more convenient and enjoyable. All you have to do is load your pet into the stroller and push it with ease. Of course, there are tons of benefits for your pet too! With a cat or dog stroller, you can protect their delicate paws from hot pavement in the summertime. They also won’t track dirt and mud back inside the house. You can also protect them from insects or from the possibility of picking up choking hazards and/or toxic materials.

There are now a number of manufacturers that produce all kinds of pet strollers that fit a variety of needs. Feel free to browse over our wide selection and choose the best cat or dog stroller that is perfect for you and your pet’s needs. We carry some of the biggest names like Giantix, Gen7Pets, Oxgord, Amoroso, and more. For those of you with more than one pet, we have Double Dog Strollers available.

1.Giantex Three Wheel Pet Stroller Cart Cat Dog Foldable Carrier Travel Jogger Pink Dog Stroller

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The Giantex Three Wheel Pet Stroller Cart Cat Dog Foldable Carrier Travel Jogger is perfect for small to medium dogs, and cats. It also folds up nicely for easy storage. Giantex Pink Dog Stroller available.


  • Made of steel +450D and polyester fabric + EVA
  • Zippered pet compartment
  • Comfortable padded interior
  • Wide mesh windows for ventilation
  • Dual cup holders and a tray
  • Spacious bottom basket
  • Collapsible roof
  • Padded handle

2.Aosom Elite II Dog Bike – Pet Dog Stroller

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The Aosom Elite II Dog Bike ñ Pet Dog Stroller takes you and your pet’s outdoor experience to another level. You can easily hook this dog or cat stroller to a bike and take them for a spin.


  • The front wheel can be fixed for jogging or swivel for strolling
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Converts to stroller in seconds w/out tools
  • Three entrances for maximum convenience getting your pet in and out
  • Front door features a mesh door for ventilation and also a separate rain guard to protect from the elements
  • Has storage pocket on each side
  • Comes with Aosom type bike hitch/coupler

3.Promenade Pet Stroller by Gen7, Black Onyx

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The Promenade Pet Stroller has a mesh canopy that opens up allowing you to still pet your cat or dog as you go walking. This provides great bonding between you and your pet as you take in the sights and sounds.


  • The Smart-Canopy mesh opens up and gives your pet more space
  • Has an ergonomic Smart-Reach handle
  • The Smart-Basket is enclosed with a rear zipper to safely secure belongings while still providing easy access

4.OxGord Double Pet Stroller For Household Animals

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The OxGord Double Pet Stroller lets you walk two pets at the same time. With this cat or dog stroller, no has to be left behind.


  • Made of lightweight and durable materials
  • Multiple windows provide ventilation
  • Zippered panels provide easy access
  • Has a cup holder and spacious undercarriage
  • Can be folded for easy storage

5.HPZ PET-ROVER Pet Stroller Premium Heavy-Duty Dog/Cat/Pet Stroller Travel Carriage with Convertible Compartment Size for Small, Medium & Large Pets (Red)

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The HPZ PET-ROVER Pet Stroller with its state-of-the-art suspension system gives your pet a smooth ride even on a rough terrain. So go ahead, explore the off the beaten road. This dog or cat stroller has got you covered.


  • Made of stainless steel and aluminum alloy
  • Has a heavy-duty, lightweight frame
  • Has an adjustable compartment
  • Easy to assemble
  • Has rotating wheels and rear braking system
  • Has breathable mesh cover made of UV reflective material
  • Has a spacious bottom basket, three accessory bags, and a bottle holder