How Do I Get My Dog Used to a Stroller? – Pet Dog Strollers


If you are getting a dog stroller and want your dog to love it and look forward to excursions, how do you go about it? Let’s take a look at strategies to get your dog used to using a stroller. How fast your dog adjusts to the idea of riding in a stroller depends on its personality.

Bringing the Dog Stroller Home

Let your dog examine the stroller in a safe environment. He can help put it together and see that it is not scary. Use lots of treats and praise. Try leaving the stroller up and don’t make it scary for her. In other words, don’t chase your dog around the house with the stroller.

Once your dog is unconcerned with the stroller, it is time to put them in. First, the set brakes. With lots of treats on hand, a small dog or puppy can be placed in the trailer. If the dog is anxious, let them out and start all over with them investigating the trailer.

Larger dogs who can step into the trailer can go after treats placed in the trailer. At this point, you want your dog to feel happy and comfortable in the trailer. Closing it and making your dog stay in the trailer is not the way to overcome their fears. It may take a few times for them to be happy.

If you force it, your dog will hate the trailer!

Your next step is to secure your dog with the safety strap. Secure them, give a treat and lots of praise, then release them. Do it again and slowly increase the amount of time your dog is secured.

Getting Rolling

Your next task is to roll the stroller with your dog in it. Take it slowly and with lots of treats. It’s scary to be suddenly moving, so take it easy and let the dog learn that the rolling is a good thing.

Once your dog is comfortable in the house, take it outside. If you have a yard or quiet outdoor space, start there. Remember the praise and treats. Keep the first few trips in the stroller short.

Time to Go

Once your dog is happy and secure in the trailer, start with quiet trips around the block. Slowly add time and terrain difficulty. Racing down the street on the first trip is likely to be terrifying to your dog.

If at any time your dog is anxious, stop and give him time to readjust. Some dogs will take to the stroller immediately. Making it an enjoyable experience will make for a dog happy to go with you and excited to see the stroller make an appearance.

Is there a Quicker Method?

Not really. Your dog is willing to do almost anything you ask as long as your dog is happy and secure. Taking small steps with lots of praise and treats will make the stroller and your future adventures a positive experience.