Are Dog Strollers Allowed in Stores? – Pet Dog Strollers


The short and most accurate answer to are dogs or puppies in pet strollers allowed in stores is, “it depends on the store.” Pets in the United States are generally not allowed in most restaurants or grocery stores unless they are service animals.

There are some very good reasons for this. Hygiene, allergies, and safety come immediately to mind. But what about dogs in strollers in Walmart or Target, clothing, hardware or other stores?

Reasons They Should Be Allowed

Taking a dog in a dog stroller into a store in the heat or cold would be terrific. If you are like me and have a dog with severe separation issues, leaving them at home isn’t fun. My dog goes almost everywhere with me and being able to take him into stores would be very convenient. Leaving him in my car in too hot or too cold temperatures means I have to plan ahead. Popping my dog in a stroller would be extremely convenient (Would he actually ride in a stroller? Unequivocally no.).

A stroller would keep the dog away from merchandise, people away from the dog, and the dog from having accidents on the floor.

Reasons They Should Not Be Allowed

The reasons to not have non-service dogs in stores are legion. Allergies, hygiene, dog-phobias, noise, and nips from dogs precisely at small child face level are all good reasons not to allow dogs in stores.

Lying about your dog’s service qualifications is a possibility, but all you are doing it making it harder for people with real service dogs and real disabilities to take their working companion with them. You are also putting the expensive and necessary service dog in danger from a possibly poorly trained pet.

The Conclusion

Since there is not one law that covers all situations, use some common sense.

1)      Dogs don’t belong in restaurants or places where food is being prepared.

2)      Some restaurants will allow dogs on a patio. Ask first.

3)      Be considerate. Not everyone likes your dog.

4)      Be considerate. Tell the staff and clean up after your dog has an accident.

5)      Ask first. Surprising, a lot of stores will allow dogs.

6)      Don’t lie about having a service dog.